Do you ship within the country?

Yes, Guillen Joyeros makes shipments to the different cities of Ecuador and ensures that all our jewelry arrives safely and reliably to the destination required.

Do you ship outside the country?

Yes, Guillen Joyeros through prestigious international shipping companies will securely and reliably get your purchase to any destination.

How do I proceed to purchase my jewel?

All details of the design should be defined and coordinated with the cancellation of a minimum of 30% of the total value of the jewel. This will generate the production order, after 10 working days from the generation of the work order, the delivery or shipment of your jewel will proceed prior to the cancellation of the outstanding balance for the value of it. The partial payment is contemplated, only in the case of domestic purchases.

Does Guillen Joyeros make other jewelry besides the models published on this page?

The experience of Guillen Joyeros of more than 25 years in the elaboration of high jewelry, allows us to offer varied and exclusive objects of jewelry without neglecting the quality and the good taste in each one of our creations.

Can I repair my jewelry at Guillen Joyeros?

Yes, with the support of our jewelry professionals we guarantee to recover the beauty of your precious and valuable articles, which allows us to offer a technical service for restoration, repair, maintenance and cleaning of them.

How do I know what my ring size is?

We suggest using our guide of measures to know the size of your ring, which will allow you to know easily and correctly your size.

You can find it in our SEE SIZE tab on our website or by clicking on the following link: SEE SIZE

What happens if i make a mistake in the size of the ring?

Our technical service and guarantee will help you to solve any change you require in the size of your ring, with no additional cost.

How can I schedule an appointment?

Contact the phones at the bottom of our website, depending on your location or write to our contact email to schedule an appointment, with the date and time that suits you best or by clicking on the following link: CONTACT US

Remember that it is a pleasure for us to serve you and help you with all your requirements.